Punk rock music has a great history in Australia, with some awesome seminal bands leading the way. Bands like Radio Birdman, The Saints, Nick Cave’s Boys Next Door, Kim Salmon’s Cheap Nasties and The Scientists, were all at the forefront of the whole punk thing in the early seventies. Many of the members of these early bands moved into later bands like The Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, The New Christs, The Visitors, The Screaming Tribesman, Cosmic Psychos and Painters and Dockers; to name but a few. The Celibate Rifles, Lime Spiders, The Eastern Dark and Massappeal all kept punk audiences entertained over many years.

Punk grunge music became big in the nineties in Australia with bands like Jebediah, Frenzal Rhomb, Screamfeeder, The Meanies and their influence was later seen in groups like The Living End, 28 Days, Four Zero One Four and the Guttersnipes. More recently, punk bands like La Femme, featuring Chane Chane, and these guys are like Bowie, the Stooges; and wear amazing outfits, glam rock with a punk bent. Oily Boys are another great Australian punk band, as is Lubricated Goat. But the thing that you have to remember with punk is that it is so incendiary, so that these groups don’t last long; they explode or implode and transmute into something else.

Punk Bands in Australia

Asian punk has taken off in Australia with some great Asian Australian bands pumping out some raw riffs to shout about. Beijing Bang Bang are a bunch of boys out of Sydney’s Chatswood who are ramping it up and sending a message home about rebelling against the totalitarian regime in China. The Slippery Noodle are an all girl group of angry Asian Australians who play in the style of Blondie meets Chaka Khan. You can catch up with this hot new scene on websites like www.acmgroup.sydney , where they post cultural events for the Asian Australian community.

Punk in Australia looks to vomit up some more exciting stuff in 2016 with international acts touring and lots of local bands supporting those tours. Look out for The Bennies, Hoodlum Shouts, The Smith Street Band, High Tension, Infinite Void, Harmony, Clowns and Luca Brasi; all great live acts well worth going along and listening to. Plus, Freakwave, Batpiss, Peep Tempel and Ceres are all great Melbourne based punk bands performing around town now. Internal Rot and Manhunt are a couple of great Brisbane based acts. The punk scene in Australia is alive and festering like a pus covered sore; check it out.