Immersing yourself in a mosh pit of like-minded wasted music festival attendees is highly appealing to many young and young at heart individuals. The relentlessly pumping bass beat drones loudly on like an anthem to zombiehood. Bright eyed, and with enlarged pupils, beautiful young things parade around dressed in rags and black. Tattoos are de rigour – show me your ink! Flashes of naked flesh light up the day and night sky. Peaking on drugs and feeling one with the organic mass is what it is all about. Paid good money for the ticket; and having the time of my life.

Getting Wasted and Permanently Injured at a Festival

Sometimes, however, shit happens and things go very wrong. Overdose and dehydration can result in death or permanent disability. Then, the bright young thing becomes a damaged victim of circumstance and bears a lifelong disability. Or, it may be an accident caused by intoxication, inebriation and crowd dynamics – crushed up against a stage and beneath the stomping boots of a dancing mass. The surging primal urge of the crowd mesmerised by the unceasing beat and when the weak falls beneath their dancing feet – life is crumpled and crushed.

If you get wasted and permanently injured at an Adelaide music festival, contact Adelaide personal injury lawyers to see if you can get some compensation. The festival management may have failed in their duty of care to you and contributed to your tragic circumstance. Don’t take it on the chin, when you can get some professional legal advice and possibly representation. It may not have been entirely your fault, or your fault at all. The festival owners and operators, and the venue, are responsible for making sure that you can enjoy yourself in a safe environment.

Getting wasted and permanently injured at a festival is not always your sole liability. There are many factors to consider- so it pays to get some professional legal advice. The music has moved on and you are left in a wheelchair or bedridden. The party is over and your capacity to party has been disabled by events. Life is not looking so bullet proof and full of unlimited potentials. Getting wasted has led you to the wastepool. The future may now involve never leaving home. Never finding a girlfriend or wife. Never being able to hold down a decent job. Never dancing on the edge again. The future sucks!