Global News reported that drugs and sex are the two most common problems that plague the music industry and some music festivals. In fact, you can see people selling drugs, even before the start of these events.

When there are drugs, there is sex. These two always go hand in hand. During last year’s  Coachella festival, the culture of sex, drugs and partying in music fests was brought to the fore when a festival-goer was captured wearing a shirt depicting explicit language.

Spike in Prostitution

According to Songs Against Slavery, an NGO that fights sex trafficking, the sex trade rockets during music festivals. As a matter of fact, a news article from KVUE featured the prevalence of female escorts all throughout a music festival in Austin. Sad to say, a lot of them were underage and were coerced into the sex trade.

In Central Europe, there are escort companies that service festival-goers and band performers during a music week in Croatia. Some websites promote enjoying good EDM music in ULTRA Europe while taking pleasure in the company of sexy escort girls. All of these can be experienced by the attendees at very low service rates.

Prostitution and Big Events

Prostitution during big, celebrated events is actually not a new scene. If truth be told, there are escorts that service film personalities every Cannes event. According to The Hollywood Reporter, you can experience a “fun night” with exclusive and discreet escorts for a whopping $40,000 per night. There are also available cheap putes de luxes who service the sexual proclivities of filmmakers and attendees. You can easily spot them as they are the ones who wear an elegant dress that don’t smoke.

Undoubtedly, popular music festivals bring in a lot of money to the venues, from the tourism to the sex trade. In steering clear from the law enforcers, escorts now operate inconspicuously. Transactions are carried out in private apartments and villas. But in places where prostitution is decriminalized, interested customers can “view the goods” at a sooner date on the websites of escort companies.

It is beyond question that music festivals and concert tours create an exuberant atmosphere. However, these forms of entertainment also give rise to high demand in prostitution.