When you really think about it disabled punks have more to be angry about than your usual rebellious middle class white boy or girl who may be angry at mummy and daddy because they live in the suburbs. For the disabled, society dumps all over them all the bloody time. Try and get a good job when you are disabled. How about finding a cool boyfriend or girlfriend? Good luck with that! Punks want to take down the existing social order, fuck up the status quo. Well, plenty of disabled folks must wish for a new world order, one that does not discriminate against them every moment of their lives.

Think about wheelchairs and how they are designed so everyone else is looking down on the sucker sitting in them. Why can’t we design a wheelchair that raises up the occupant to be on an even eye level with bipeds? Once you lose the use of your legs you are a second class citizen. These folks are often angry; have you ever watched wheelchair sports? Man the aggression out there is pretty real! Nature feeds on weakness, just ask Darwin or Nietzsche, our societies try and mask this fact with charity and things like the National Disability Insurance Scheme. If you watch kids at school and how they pick on the outsiders, those different and those exhibiting weakness, you see primal humanity at work.

Disabled punk syndrome will be increasing, as these dudes are sick of people feeling sorry for them but secretly despising them. Folks will say how sad it is, but do they really want one in the family? No they want their babies to be perfect. They want the best for their offspring: Barbie and Ken and perfect white teeth. Not children with learning difficulties or those palsied requiring regular visits to a back pain osteopath. Can dependant people with disabilities be anti-establishment; can they really afford to? Well, maybe the NDIS can give them the necessary independence to be so.

Dispissed: disabled punks and skins against the system is one such community group on social media. The actor RJ Mitte is becoming a poster boy for the rights of the disabled within our wealthy western societies. Ian Dury was a disabled punk and even Joe Cocker was disabled. Lots of disabled people are born with their disabilities and wonder why they should have to smile at the world; who pat them on their head and expect gratitude for the crumbs they might toss their way.