The globe is connected by billions of wires linking the digital world to everyone who plugs in. Punks are plugged in and sharing their stuff with other punks from the West to China and everywhere in-between. What is the definition of a punk? The archaic word root origin is English from the sixteenth century and as a term referred to a prostitute, which has later associations to the word ‘spunk’. Spunk punk, I like it, great name for an all chick punk band. Punk became a slang word in American culture to denigrate someone as an outsider, or a small time criminal, and/or as inexperienced generally.

Punk rock exploded around the globe in the nineteen seventies, most famously with the British band the Sex Pistols, but there were thousands of other vibrant, aggressive and primal punk rock outfits. Punk is inextricably linked to music and devotees share a love of raw, thrashing sounds produced by rebellious exponents of the genre. Punk never really went away in music, fashion and, most importantly, in attitude. Digital punks may be hackers like Julian Assange, seeing themselves bringing down governments and the existing social order. Punks are anarchists and their bombs are digital, designed to explode your ear drums and wreck your corporate image.

Memes and trends are viral and punk loves to go under the radar, the Internet and World Wide Web has created the infrastructure for punks to network globally; bypassing old forms of media controlled by corporate America. Punks have intra-organisational connectivity and the world is their oyster; listen to them slurp them online. The buzz and beep on the line may be the start of a revolution, unseen by mums and dads in the suburbs but watched by the burgeoning secret service agencies around the world. Big Brother is watching you punkl! Do you feel lucky punk? Governments are increasingly paying closer attention to the digital spectrum with new meta data laws in Australia, and the US spying on just about everyone.

There are good things happening in the punk realm as well, with things like spiritual punk providing the ultimate cosmic rebellion. Noah Levine is the author of Dharma Punx and has brought the whole punk ethos to healing and spirituality; areas long tied up to conservative hitching posts. Punk is creative in its strutting rebelliousness and in its refusal to lie down and take it like a man. Punk paints the digital sphere with spunk and to hell with the consequences. Music that vibrates and makes you want to get up and dance, throw yourself about and feel fucking alive!