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Escorts for Rockin Rollers: Sexual Services Backstage

Global News reported that drugs and sex are the two most common problems that plague the music industry and some music festivals. In fact, you can see people selling drugs, even before the start of these events. When there are drugs, there is sex. These two always go hand in hand. During last year’s  Coachella…

Asian Punk Bands Spicing Up The Region

Asian punk bands

The break out of Punk Bands with Asian origin is on the rise not only in Australia but throughout entire Europe as well. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch some of the bands live due to their great attitude and passion they have for their music which nothing short of infectious. Some like The Kominas, which…

Waste Management at Music Festivals

Waste Management

When thousands of enthusiastic revelers party, it’s definite that you’ll find hordes of remains( food stalls, booze, leaflet material, sleeping bags, tents, giveaways, etc) left behind after the event. They’ll abandon their stuff and possibly leave it for someone else to do the cleaning. In most cases, the place will be littered with objects everywhere….

Bands Who Will Shred Your Eardrums

Some of the greatest bands of all time are also the loudest. Hard rock music demands high-level volume to feel right and to the fanatics of this type of music, the instinctive delight of the pure power of noise cannot be denied. Here are the loudest rock bands of all time that provide eardrum-pounding music…