Some of the greatest bands of all time are also the loudest. Hard rock music demands high-level volume to feel right and to the fanatics of this type of music, the instinctive delight of the pure power of noise cannot be denied.

Here are the loudest rock bands of all time that provide eardrum-pounding music to the hard metal rock n’ roll enthusiasts out there…

Australian hard rock band AC/DC are considered pioneers of heavy metal. In 1983, the band has unseated Motorhead for loudness with 130 dB level concerts rattling their fan’s eardrums all night long.

English rock band The Who is the first ever band who got famous for being loud. The band influenced the approach of hard rock and heavy metal to punk rock bands. The Who was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s loudest concert with a measured 126 dB roughly 100 feet from stage of their second concert at the Valley in London.

British heavy metal band Motorhead’s album says it all, “Everything louder than everyone else.” This punk-fuelled band is certainly deafening with outrageous displays of howling volume. During a show at the Cleveland Variety Theater, the band reportedly reached a decibel level of 130.

American rock band MC5 has an extremely loud, energetic style of rock ‘n’ roll – to think most of their concerts are outside in a park! The band practices with a 4 Marshall 100 watt amplifier stacks so imagine how much louder it must be during a concert. These guys surely knew how to rock and kick ass.

American hard rock band Kiss has probably done some of the most thunderous performances of all times. Their hard rock, heavy metal style dominated rock in the late 80s. The band’s Ottawa concert in 2009 was recorded at 136 dB sending shockwaves to the nearby neighbors of the sports arena.