Asian punk bands

The break out of Punk Bands with Asian origin is on the rise not only in Australia but throughout entire Europe as well. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch some of the bands live due to their great attitude and passion they have for their music which nothing short of infectious.

Some like The Kominas, which is a south Asian Punk outfit, despite being shunned by critics, has continued to make great music and perform shows all over Europe. Their music is so impressive and has assisted them garner a great deal of attention. It’s actually a mixture of punk sounds and attitude laced with Hindi lyrics and other south Asian beats.

The Kominas, albeit American, sing in Punjabi.

In China, punk rock has continued to grow and currently, the young look up to it to assist them survive the modern wave of change.

A total of eight prominent bands now dominate the airwaves and shows in China and beyond with strong advocation for democracy, positive social change, nihilism, amongst other aspects. Most notable ones include: Torturing Nurse, which the Guardian describes as dissonant, deafening and dangerous group; Zuoxiao Zuzhou; Dimerit, a harsh critic of China’s lambasting apathy, false promises and consumerism; Flyx, a band popular for caustic lyrics and abrasive live shows; Gum bleed, the new voice against capital, discrimination and oppression; Omnipotent Youth society, Carsick Cars and many others.

Sliten6ix, a prominent 5 member punk rock band shaking up Cambodia is the first of its kind in the region. The band uses music as a voice against the current upheaval that dominates the region.

However, just like the Chinese punk rock bands, Cambodian rock groups have found their moves met with confusion. The Cambodian Society is not only conservative but hierarchical as well. Most haven’t heard a lot about punk or rather hardcore music. Still, few who are lucky to hear it don’t even get the whole point.

Presently, the band, together with a few others like No Forever, both signed to Yab Moung records, have a plan to send out a mix CD to Australia, England and Germany.

Overall, despite the presence of other Killa Bands such as Violent Soho, Dune rats, Deez nuts, Earth Caller and Young lions, that are killing it right now in Australia and beyond, the breaking out of Asian Punk Bands has notably changed the whole entertainment industry in the region. The bands will possibly dominate the rock scene within the coming years.